Learn to Play Three Card Poker: Rules & Tips

Players 2-6 Players
Difficulty 3/10
Recommended Age 18+
Game Category Casino
Playing the card game Three Card Poker
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Three Card Poker Game Overview

Are you ready to try your luck at Three Card Poker? This exciting casino game is fast-paced and easy to learn, making it a popular choice for players of all skill levels. In this guide, we'll show you how to play Three Card Poker and give you some tips and strategies for winning.

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Objective of the Game

The objective of Three Card Poker is to have a better three-card hand than the dealer. Unlike traditional poker games, there are no community cards, and players only have three cards to work with. The game is played with a single deck of 52 cards, and players can choose to play two different games: Ante-Play and Pair Plus. In Ante-Play, players compete against the dealer, while in Pair Plus, players only need a pair or better to win.

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Materials Needed for Playing Three Card Poker

  • Standard deck of 52 cards
  • Poker chips or money

Cards Used

Three Card Poker is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. No jokers or wild cards are used.

Other Supplies Needed


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How To Play Three Card Poker

  1. Place your Ante bet.
  2. Receive three cards face-down.
  3. Decide whether to fold or place a Play bet equal to your Ante bet.
  4. Dealer reveals their cards.
  5. If the dealer doesn't have Queen High or better, they don't qualify and you win even money on your Ante bet and push on your Play bet.
  6. If the dealer has Queen High or better, their hand is compared to yours, and the highest hand wins.

Keeping Score

In Ante-Play, if the dealer doesn't qualify, you win even money on your Ante bet and push on your Play bet. If the dealer qualifies and your hand beats the dealer's, you win even money on both your Ante and Play bets. If the dealer qualifies and your hand ties with the dealer's, both your Ante and Play bets push. If the dealer qualifies and your hand is lower than the dealer's, you lose both your Ante and Play bets. In Pair Plus, you win if you have a pair or better, with payouts based on the strength of your hand.

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